what is

scalp micropigmentation?

what is

scalp micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is the perfect, non-surgical, low-maintenance solution for men and women suffering from the causes and effects of hair loss. Our SMP treatments are widely used to camouflage thinning hair, from partial and extensive hair loss, most types of alopecia, to concealing accidental and surgical scarring of the scalp.

A successful non-surgical hair loss treatment, we apply natural organic micro-pigments within the dermal layer of the scalp; this effectively replicates the appearance of natural hair follicles. This non-invasive, natural-looking and permanent scalp micropigmentation procedure remains the only hair loss solution to offer immediate, effective, and scar-free results.

scal micropigmentation

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• The NHS and Alopecia UK both recognise and recommend scalp micropigmentation as a solution for individuals experiencing hair loss.

• It is the perfect, no fuss, low maintenance solution.

• It is widely used to camouflage certain types of alopecia, partial hair loss, extensive hair loss, thinning hair, and to conceal scars on the scalp.

• It is a successful non-surgical, non-invasive, permanent hair loss treatment.

• It remains the only hair loss solution to offer immediate, scar-free, effective results.

• Scalp micropigmentation is not a cure for hair loss or diminishing hair, however for those who struggle with diffuse thinning or low hair density, scalp micropigmentation is an excellent solution.


• Quick Results – simple and effective, the procedure is typically completed in three to fours visits depending on your individual scenario.

• Long Lasting – it’s permanent. The pigments will fade over time and on average you will need a ‘top up’ or ‘refresh’ between 4 and 6 years.

• Looks Realistic – SMP replicates a natural shaved head look, when viewed side by side it is virtually impossible to differentiate between real follicles and simulated follicles. SMP also adds the appearance of density to longer, thinning hair reducing the contrast between hair and scalp.

• Fast Healing – the non-invasiveness of SMP means healing time is much less than hair transplants, plus there are no dressings to change, which means much less risk of infection.



• Scalp micropigmentation is a form of medical pigmentation specifically designed for the scalp.

• The skin on your scalp is different to anywhere else on your body and therefore the machine, needles, pigments and technique are different to other forms of micropigmentation.

• Your first session will last 2-4 hours with typically two follow-up sessions, where we add further layers or density and ensure a consistent and even result is achieved.

• We use organic pigment which is implanted with an ultra-thin needle and applied using a micro-dotted ink pattern, mimicking the appearance of hair follicles.

• We take care to match the pigments to your existing hair colour and your skin tone to achieve the most genuine look possible.