benefits of female SMP, a client’s perspective

by | Apr 13, 2023 | Blog

As a female Scalp Micropigmentation practitioner and owner of derma.microtech, I’m always touched by the distress hair loss causes my female clients.

Many of the women I treat are keen to share their experiences, describing how SMP has restored their confidence and self-esteem, all with the intention of helping others in similar positions.

In her own words, here are some of the ways SMP changed this recent client’s life:

  • Money saving: I would usually spend £10 per week to buy the root spray I would use to cover my bald patches. Considering I started using it 5 years ago, I spent a total of £2,600 on a product that was destroying my hair. I haven’t bought a spray since my first treatment in February. 
  • Enjoy normal activities: in the past I couldn’t go swimming or I would only do light exercises at the gym because of my spray. Sweating or getting my head wet would mean dark brown drops on my forehead. Those worries have gone now and I can join all the swimming and spinning classes I want! 
  • No more dark marks: marks, marks, marks! For example, my brand new white keyboard was covered in dark marks because of the spray that was constantly on my fingers due to me scratching my head or touching my hair. It used to go everywhere, walls, pillows, clothes, even my boyfriend’s face and shirt. Whenever we would stay in a hotel I would either write a note apologising for the dark marks on the white pillow or would put a scarf on top of it to prevent it from getting dirty! 
  • Hair healing time: now that I’ve stopped using the spray, thanks to the treatment, my hair is healing. It’s so shiny and clean and my scalp is loving the absence of constant itchiness. 
  • Always ready to go: I can just take a shower, dry my hair and leave the house! It used to take me ages to get ready because I had to cover my bald spots with the spray. 
  • Soul healing time: I hated my hair for so long. And I hated myself, and the way I looked. I was so envious of other girls’ hair and hairstyles and I would cry whenever I would look at myself in the mirror! Gosh, I would constantly cry and feel miserable about my situation. I often thought about shaving my hair and getting it done with. Then I met my partner and I started to be kinder towards myself because he never made me feel like there was something wrong with it and therefore I started thinking that maybe I wasn’t a horrible monster. So I did some research and decided to take control of the situation. And then I met Louise, who gave me hope and a new start. I know now that I am not my hair and this situation doesn’t define me. My hair loss made me realise how strong I am! I’ve been through so much because of it but I always got back up! Thanks to the treatment I can now catch a break and try understanding what is causing my hair loss. I might fix it, I might not. But right now, I really love myself and this is what matters.”


Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an effective procedure that applies tiny dots of pigment to create the illusion of fuller, thicker hair. It’s a non-surgical, non-invasive, and simple procedure that can benefit women and men. Recommended by the NHS and Alopecia UK, SMP is a safe and accepted option for women who are looking for a natural-looking, long-term solution to hair loss.


If you are considering SMP or you’d like to know more, please get in touch with the derma.microtech team or book your free consultation here.